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Best Sites Like Chat Roulette

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Here  you will find the best Sites Like Chatroulette to random video chat with girls and guys. Chatroulette is the best place on the Internet other than Omegle to webcam chat with strangers for free online.
There are plenty of Chatroulette clones out there and we are going to list some of the cool Sites Like Chatroulette.
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Chatroulette kind of sites are basically for adults 18+ to be precise. Because most of the sites are not controlled and due to lack of security some crazy guys and girls can really make or break your day! So be cautious and do not enter any of the below sites if you are not an adult.
1) Facebuzz.com is a nice Chatroulette kind of site where you can Live video chat with random strangers online. It has got a sleek design and a simple one actually and you don’t have to look around on how to go about video chatting on Facebuzz.
2) ChatHopper.com is titles as anonymous speed chatting with some cool options to go with. Chathopper auto searches for a new partner if the previous one got disconnected. Additionally you can select an option for only clean chat so you can expect less surprises.
3) Bazoocam.com has an option to select which states that you can chat with people who live close to your place like the city you are in. So it means it will display your approximate location to the other user as well.
4) Moveyourcam.com allows you to video chat with specific age group of people like only +16 only or only 18+. So if you are a teenager then this video chat can be a great video chat site to meet other teenagers from France and other places.
5) RanChat.com is a Korean video chat site which anybody can access from any country. I guess Koreans needed a site like Chatroulette after all to video chat with strangers after a busy day of work maybe.
6) ShufflePeople from Woome.com is a popular alternative to Chatroulette for webcam chat. The tag line simply says only for 18+, stay clean or else be reported. but I highly doubt that anyone is going to report anyone as long as it is just a normal video chat with strangers, what say?
7) SpinTheCam is a concept similar to the popular teenage game “spin the bottle” and since am not from a country where this sort of  exists I can’t tell you what happens after you spin a bottle. Anyways it needs registration to random video chat with girls and guys online.
8 ) TinyChat is a video chat site to meet individuals or just video chat with a group of people that you know. Cool website name after all tinyurl and tinypic are a household Internet phenomenon. By the looks of it I think it’s only for adults 18+ only.
9) Zupyo is an upcoming random video chat site like Chatroulette. The one thing which is awesome about Zupyo is that you need to type in a keyword, let’s say you type “New York” then if it matches one of the person who also typed the same then you can video chat with him or her.
10) Jay Doe is another site like Chatroulette and seems to be a good one. Anyways you can always all the other 9 random video sites.

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