11 Kasım 2012 Pazar

Chatroulette Invention

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What is Chatroulette exactly?

Chatroulette is an invention by the 17 years old Andrei Ternowski from Russia. His idea was to create simple 
and casual connections between 2 people. They can communicate via Webcam, keyboard and the microphone
Mainly Chatroulette is used with the webcam. In Chatroulette you can get to know new people easily and you will be able
to see and to talk to them. As soon as the random chat partner is not fitting anymore to your Interests, it is possible to
go straight further. This idea of Chatroulette is since 2010 existing and consistently gets more popular. Thus, clone pages 
of Chatroulette were developed, which can prove very high number of visitors.

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