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Chatroulette Wocchat Styled.

If you’re looking to video chat and meet new people then you have come to the right place.
This free chatroulette software enables you to meet people randomly by logging into chat application enabling your cam and then clicking next to browse your way through the people online.

This enables you a unique way to meet people from all over the world and connect to new people quickly and easy, you can use your mic or text chat via our application as well as your webcam.

To start the chatroulete just click the star chat button and then click next to move from one person to another by clicking the next button, it is as simple as that.

Rules of Chatroulette :

Please do not show yourself naked on the webcams, and please do not stream inappropriate content, as this is an offense and you can be reported for this.

Please do not be rude or insult chatters, be nice and it will make it more enjoyable for everyone, please use the report button for people who are showing inappropriate content.

Being Nexted can be harsh!

This is the term adopted by users of chatroulette type applications for when someone clicks next without even giving you a chance to speak, thus the term being nexted was formed, please don’t take this personal, move on to the next person with the same enthusiasm as the first, as you will meet someone interesting sooner or later, just be patient.

Like video chat?

If you like video chat then please try our other chat rooms, you might also want to register to use our facebook style chat bottom right of your screen, or use our main chat rooms, which give you extra opportunity’s to meet people.

You will need to register with wocchat.com to fain the full benefits of using the site which is essentially a social networking site, if you do register you can create your own profile and upload pictures and share information about yourself.

If you see anyone breaking the rules on Wocchat roulette, just click the report abuse button(triangle button), once this is done by 2 chatters in a row, then the user will be automatically banned.

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