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When you are connected on zygocam (don't forget , zygocam is like chatroulette , it's free and you don't have to sign-up), you can meet another people with your camera. The first step is to click the autorisation for flash player , secondly you must clique start. Sometimes we verify that you are not a bot (a program) , and we ask you to response to google captcha. Once the connection is ready, you can speak with people with your microphone or simply chat like in chat room.

How many people ?

On our website , we have 10 000 / 20 000 users.

Who can i meet on Zygocam ?

You can see Men , women , black camera , and sometimes some spam. We try to stop the spam but webspammer are very clever...
Some people try to find a date , another just want to have fun , and many people are very cool :-)
If you don't want to speak with somebody , you just to click "next".

What is another site like this ?

You can find another site like chatroulette zygocam on your web search engine. The first , the most favous is Chatroulette. Secondly you have omegle. And the third with many people is zygocam Zygocam is a new way to find new friend. You put your camera and you see a stranger. It's free :)
Please don't be nude on camera. It is a real chat system , and you can meet people very faster.
To begin , wait that "loading..." is finish. And then click "Start" :) 

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