7 Aralık 2012 Cuma

Chatroulette HOF

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Although roulette chat has a great following, many people are not aware that their web chat sessions can be viewed by the public. Chatroulette Hall of Fame, or simply Chatroulettehof, is a website that collects and shares photos taken during video chatting.
Users of Chatroulettehof are encouraged to share photos and videos of unsuspecting users taken during cam chats. In fact, elite membership requires a certain number of posts to join.
Unfortunately, sites like Chatroulettehof and Chatroulettemap have misunderstood the spirit of roulette chat. Instead, they have turned video chatting into something negative. But this is obviously just my opinion, because the thousands of participating users don’t have any issues with collecting and sharing this type of personal information.
Chatroulettehof screenshot
Chatroulettehof screenshot

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